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Disposable Products

Plantation area is 2600 m2.

The factory was Located at


470 Mu 4 Phaholyotin Road, Lamluka District, Pathumthanee Province, 12130


Bever Medical Industry Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in the disposable medical appliances, located in Bangkok Thailand.

We have established in 1980 with only 2 items, and have expanded in both facilities and product variation to 55 now.  Under the steady expanding background and stable product quality, we have gained trust from clients locally and globally.

Our diversify medical product range from disposable appliances, NR rubber tubes, and silicone appliances allows us to distribute

BMI® (BeverMed®) brand to many countries such Europe, South African, Middle East, Asian, Russia, etc.  In order to satisfy extra

requirements from customers, we also accept OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) products.

Knowing effects of medical products, we have puted hard effort in quality control procedures.  We are certified by ISO 13485,

ISO 9001-2008, promoted as THAILAND BRAND medical product no. ME 0064/05, and using only international recognized medical grade plastic material such as no. H651V10.

We also assure you that our professional sales team can smoothly coordinate any issues between you and us.  And replacing the pyramid shaped management with our FLAT BASE management, your inquiries, feedback comments in any details will directly forwarded to our Managing Director for an immediate reply.

Tel: (+662) 531-0068, 531-5799, 531-7423

Fax: (+662) 532-2900


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